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Thursday, December 22, 2011

3958. Doom-shroom

The Doom-shroom is the most powerful of all of the instant kills, which are able to affect every row when exploding in the middle row. Detonating it creates a crater, which you cannot plant in for a short while. Any Zombies surrounding it will be destroyed in the explosion. It has a damage diameter of 7x7 squares. It will also destroy Lily Pads or Flower Pots if you plant one on them. If there is a Pumpkin planted around the Doom-shroom, it will also be destroyed when the Doom-shroom detonates. It is the 16th plant, and obtained After level 2-8. It looks like an atomic bomb. It can also be collected in the Zen Garden.

This is the atomic bomb of all plants which can easily destroy huge waves of zombies. As it has a very slow recharge time, you will want to plant it when it can destroy the most zombies, or when you most need it. Including an Imitater Doom-shroom can cut its recharge time in half, but may not be required due to its large radius. Bear in mind that it has a much bigger blast radius than Cherry Bombs, so it can easily take out huge waves of zombies. If you want to take out zombies while playing daytime levels, plant one before you intend to use it. In Survival Mode, the Doom-shroom can be used to destroy an entire wave of zombies, simplifying the process of defeating waves if your defenses are
Doom-shroom Seed Packet in the GOTY Version.
low. Planting one in the center row maximizes the amount of zombies it can kill.
A Doom-shroom about to explode
Note: This is not as good a plant for daytime use, as you will need to spend 75 Sun on a Coffee Bean to wake it up. A Jalapeno or Cherry Bomb would be more suitable. You may want to plant the Doom-shroom ahead of time, so as to save time when you need to wake it up and prevent the Zombies from eating it. Also it is a good idea to pumpkin it or else zombies can easily eat it, but it can waste a lot of Sun. Note: The Doom-shroom is not recommended for pool and fog levels, as it cannot attack all six lanes. If used during those levels, save up an extra 25 Sun for a Lily Pad and plant it in the pool directly next to the two land lanes that contain either the most damage resistant or the highest total amount of zombies.

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