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Monday, December 26, 2011

3969. VenomMyotismon

Copyright HT Bandai

VenomMyotismon is an Evil Digimon whose name is derived from "Venom Myotismon" and whose design is derived from the mythological Abaddon. It has the lower half of a beast and an upper half with a beetle-like shell, it is the true, evolved form of the king of darkness, Myotismon. As VenomMyotismon, who has unleashed its hidden power, it has nothing but omnicidal and destructive impulses, and Myotismon, who originally maintained its gentlemanly conduct, reason, and intelligence, hates exposing its true, ugly form.

The VenomMyotismon card, titled "VenomVamdemon", is a rank 5 card which summons a VenomMyotismon to aid the party in battle.

Neo takes a VenomMyotismon with him in his first battle against Lord HolyAngemon's forces, and he is nearly killed when Leo evolves into his Ultimate form. Arkadimon intervenes and saves him, but, in their arrival, Taichi Yagami and Zeromaru choose to decapitate him with a punch and then punch out his "true" body.

Lord Vamdemon may be related to this VenomMyotismon, as Neo says that VenomMyotismon is Myotismon's leftover hatred, and the only Myotismon in the series is Lord Vamdemon.

He is an Ultimate level card in the game. The real VenomMyotismon resides in Infinity Tower with his henchmen Tuskmon, Phantomon, MegaSeadramon and Machinedramon. After being possessed by A he becomes very strange and just repeats the same phrase over and over again; "What you are doing is merely delaying the inevitable."
The VenomMyotismon card belongs to the Dark card group and has HP 2310, circle attack 920, triangle 530 and vs. Nature x 3 cross attack 400. It can be obtained when you recite to Wizardmon the spell 'VENOMMYOTIS' or when you fuse Myotismon and LadyDevimon at the Fusion Shop.

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