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Monday, December 26, 2011

3977. Gekomon

Copyright HT Bandai

Gekomon is a Champion Level Amphibian Digimon. Said to be the result of data from a famous piece of music, Gekomon have an interest in anything musical. The horn around his neck and the three holes on the tip of his tongue can make music that can influence the feelings of others. Gekomons live in rivers, lakes, but mostly swamps with Otamamons and their ruler, ShogunGekomon. Despite their looks, they can sing really well, and their singing has developed due to all the practicing when they were still Otamamons. It has a wiry body, along with a crazed look. Gekomon resemble frogs.

A Gekomon is among the shadowed Digimon who want Rika Nonaka to tame one of them. O Partner, Where Art Thou? One ends up in IceDevimon's collection. The Icemon Cometh A village of them is enslaved by Orochimon until some of the Tamers free them. Kazu's Upgrade When Calumon meets and is chased by a Dogmon, a Gekomon and an Otamamon watch them.

Gekomon can digivolve from Otamamon and digivolve to ShogunGekomon. Gekomon's special attack is "Sonic Crusher", which has a chance of inducing Confusion on one target. Gekomon can be found in the wild partnered up with Sukamon and RedVegiemon. Also, on the 14th floor in the Data Domain, two Gekomons and a ShogunGekomon are responsible for confusing several Guard Team Tamers, such as Bertran and Chris Conner, that you must fight in order to get to ChaosPiedmon.

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