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Monday, December 26, 2011

3989. Kobra

I got this figure during the auction held at the Toy Convention in Megamall during the Christmas Season of 2011.

Jeffrey Franklin Burr, a mad scientist and terrorist known as Kobra, has been a dangerous, powerful, and enigmatic villain for many years, coming heavily into contact with groups such as Checkmate, the Outsiders, the Suicide Squad and the Justice Society of America. Kobra intended to bring about the Kali Yuga on earth. He was recently killed by Black Adam. (JSA #51)
His twin brother, Jason Burr, whom Jeffrey had killed, was resurrected by the Kobra cult. He set about destroying all those who had taken Jeffrey as their savior.

Originally a cult in an underreported part of the world, Kobra had a prophecy that one day someone would lead them to greatness. Finding this someone as one of a set of twins, they selected one at random and took him to be raised by them. This baby, named Jeffrey Burr by his parents, grew to be a formidable warrior and a criminal mastermind. As he took control of the organization, he was awarded the title "Naga Naga".
Under Burr, Kobra began using cutting-edge science to fulfill it ultimate goal of bringing about the Kali Yuga - the Age of Chaos, in which the imperfect world will be swept away by a divinely-inspired, better version. They were opposed by an international peace-keeping agency who recruited Jason Burr, Jeffrey's brother, with whom he shared a psychic connection. This particular campaign ended when Jason Burr dead.

Over the years, Kobra has clashed with several superheroes, most notably Batman and his Outsiders (considering the group's interest in "behind-the scenes" superheroics") and Wonder Woman (considering her mission of world peace). At one point, during a battle between the outsiders and Strike Force Kobra, the organization split into two factions, one led by Burr and the other led by his traitorous lover, Eve. This split remained in place, much to the glee of counter-terror agencies, until a few years before the Identity Crisis.

The main body of the Kobra Cult back Jeffrey Burr's efforts to take control of the world's telecommunications with the powers of the superhero Air Wave, but they were stopped by the Justice Society of America. Months later, when Burr escaped from court, rogue JSAer Black Adam led a team that killed Burr[1].

The New Direction
In the wake of this, Kobra underwent an internal struggle which began with would-be leaders including King Snake, and (unwillingly) a schoolfriend of Tim Drake who apparently fitted the prophecy, but this has apparently settled: a new leader has emerged (possibly Eve who had split off with half of the old school Kobra). Under her, the organization now seeks to fulfill 'the prophecies of Kali Yuga'. It is actively being fought by the super-spy agency known as Checkmate. However, the cult had a new weapon, in the form of the Bestowed, practitioners of blood magic who could sense treasonous thoughts and turn people's insides into piles of snakes.
The Day Evil Won
After a few years, however, the ruling body of Kobra came to a conclusion - the initial prophecy was accurate, but they had kidnapped the wrong child. Unearthing Jason Burr's remains and reanimated him in a Lazarus Pit[2]. Though initially murderous towards the group, he eventually took control.
Seeing Kobra's current form as inefficient, he decided to remake the organization. Initiating a terror campaign, he simultaneously tied up Checkmate and the American authorities catching old Kobra sleeper agents, while acquiring Lexcorp's Everyman Program biotech, Saul Erdel's teleportation technology, and a piece of stone taken from the Statue of Hatred in the Rock of Eternity. With these, in addition to the magic of the Bestowed, Burr was able to move invisibly from place to place, using magic to speed-indoctrinate whole cells of snakemen, creating infrastructure out of nothing.

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