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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2522. Ranamon

Ranamon is one of the villains. She was voiced by Peggy O'Neal (US), who gave her a southern belle drawl, and Haruhi Terada (Japan).

Ranamon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise, appearing as one of the villains of Digimon Frontier. She was voiced by Haruhi Terada (Japan) and Peggy O'Neal (US), who gave her a southern belle drawl.

Ranamon is the Legendary Human Warrior of Water, using the power of AncientMermaimon.
Her mood changes violently, especially in her Calmaramon form, when it comes to her "beauty" being insulted. Her human spirit form has a huge fanclub and Digimon in general are struck by her beauty, but her beast form makes them balk. The known members of the Ranamon fanclub consists of four Toucanmon, two Floramon, three Vegiemon, two Numemon, two Deramon and three Honeybeemon. She used to have a fan club with four Toucanmon, however after seeing her slide evolve to Calmaramon, the four Toucanmon quit and later joined the Zoe fan club. The same goes for the Honeybeemon who also joined Zoe's fan club.

Ironically the only digimon she seems to like is the only one who never notices her, Mercurymon. She has a personal dislike towards Zoe Orimoto because her Beast Spirit form is more beautiful than hers. In their first few confrontations, it always ended in a draw because Calmaramon could not control her Titanic Tempest attack. In their final battle, the two fought in Sakkakumon's Sphere of Water, where this time Ranamon was defeated and Zoe scanned both of her spirits. Ranamon's spirits were later transferred into Koji Minamoto's D-Tector so he could Unifed Spirit Evolve to MagnaGarurumon.

A purified Ranamon later appeared at the Village of Beginnings, to help the other legendary warriors fight Crusadermon and Dynasmon. She also appeared when Susanoomon split into the ten Human Hybrids to slice through Lucemon Larva's body.

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