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Monday, January 2, 2012

4054. G Billy the Cowboy

G Billy is one of the founding members of the Club Penguin Band. He usually plays the drums, and, occasionally, the flute. He is normally found with 1 or 2 other band members during parties.


He has over 50 pins.

He says if he wasn't a musician, he'd still be working as a chef in the Pizza Parlor.

He is the only penguin to use an instrument that was sold in the Music Jam catalog in the Back Stage (although the drumsticks aren't an instrument themselves, they were still for sale in the music catalog).

He is most likely to be the drummer in the Penguin Chat 3 Band.

His flute is not the same as the flute in real life, his flute looks like a trumpet, clarinet, old time flute, or recorder.

G Billy is probably the easiest famous penguin to imitate seeing as you only need the drumsticks, Dark Blue color and the Black Cowboy Hat.

He used to wear old blue and nothing else but in Music Jam 2008 he changed to wearing Dark Blue and a Brown Cowboy Hat.During Music Jam 2011, G-Billy and the rest of the band changed their dressing styles to the kind of music they like.

There is a level 8 Card-Jitsu card of him.

He often speaks internet slang.

According to a Club Penguin staff member, his favorite drink is root beer!

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