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Monday, January 2, 2012

4058. Mayhew

Mayhew is an employee of the Van Dorts'. His duties consist of working at the fish stall in the marketplace and driving the Van Dorts' carriage. He is a rather fat man who is often seen either smoking a pipe or coughing. Shortly after Victoria's upcoming wedding to Lord Barkis is announced, he dies as the result of a particularly violent coughing fit. As a result, he is able to pass on the news of Victoria's new marriage to Victor. He is one of only two characters to actually die in the movie (the other being Lord Barkis Bittern).

Corpse Bride, often promoted as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, is a 2005 stop-motion-animated fantasy musical film directed by Mike Johnson and Tim Burton. It is set in a fictional Victorian era village in Europe. Johnny Depp led an all-star cast as the voice of Victor, while Helena Bonham Carter (for whom the project was specially created) voiced Emily, the title character. Corpse Bride is the third stop-motion feature-film produced by Tim Burton (not including his short film Vincent), the first two being The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach.

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