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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

4071. Adella

Adella has a goldenrod tail and a chartreuse green seashell bra, and wears her brown hair in a ponytail with golden pearl decorations.

Adella is a minor character from The Little Mermaid. She is one of Ariel's sisters. She was voiced by Sherry Lynn in the related TV series and by Tara Strong in The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning. In the broadway musical, she is portrayed by Michelle Lookadoo with mint green hair and a pink tail with a starfish bra. Her name is a feminine form of "Adam".

Adella is the daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena. She has a goldenrod tail and wears a chartreuse green seashell bra. Her black hair is tied in a ponytail with a pearly hairband and headpiece that both match the color if her tail. Her appearance varies slightly in the TV series, where she wears a gray hairband and animated to be somewhat heavier than her sisters. However in both the original (aside from one brief moment in the Daughters of Triton song) and prequel films and the coloring pages, she has the exact same figure as her sisters. The prequel film establishes that Adella is boy-crazy, often dreaming about boys and flirting with them. In the books, she tends to be shallow and vain and she has many dates with merboys.
In extension media released from 1989 onwards, she is the fifth daughter of King Triton. Bonus features from the DVD release of the prequel, however, state that Adella is the third of Triton's daughters.

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