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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4090. Red Mystic Ranger

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Nick Russell as Bowen, the Red Mystic Ranger;. As the Red Mystic Ranger, he has power over fire and can transform into the Mystic Phoenix and the Mystic Firebird. He later discovered that he was Bowen, the Light, son of Leanbow and Udonna, making him potentially the most powerful Ranger even if he was the most skeptical and last to accept his powers. While having little involvement with the Fire Heart (see below), he is the only Ranger able to command him. Nick had a tough time finding out Leanbow was his father, but eventually came to terms when he himself became a Koragg. Nick later regained himself when his father said, “I love you, son.” He was portrayed by Firass Dirani.

Power Rangers Mystic Force (often abbreviated as PRMF and simply called Mystic Force) is an American television series, and is part of the Power Rangers franchise. As with all Power Rangers series, the show is adapted from a series in the long-running Japanese tokusatsu franchise, Super Sentai. Mystic Force is adapted from the 29th series of Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
The series officially premiered on February 20, 2006 on Toon Disney/Jetix, February 25, 2006 on ABC Family, March 11, 2006 on ABC as part of the ABC Kids programming block, on June 4, 2006 on Family in Canada, on October 2, 2006 on Jetix in India, October 21, 2006 on Jetix in the United Kingdom. The show was also broadcast on Sunday morning on ITV1 and the CITV Channel under the GMTV Toonattik slot in early 2007. In the Philippines it premiered on October 6, 2007 in Cartoon Network's Toonami slot.
Power Rangers Mystic Force is the first Disney-produced Power Rangers series to feature the main villain in its Super Sentai counterpart, and is the first of the Disney-produced Power Rangers series in which all the actors playing the five core Rangers are of Australian or New Zealander descent (the casts of the three Disney-produced Power Rangers series prior to Mystic Force had at least one Ranger actor of North American descent). It is also the only Power Rangers series in which the Rangers wear capes.

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