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Friday, January 6, 2012

4116. Blue Usul

The Usul is a squirrel-like neopet that was released on November 15, 1999 as one of the original Neopets on the site. Usuls are loyal and friendly pets who prefer to live in trees. During cold weather, Usuls are the first to share their food with friends. The Usul is the only neopet that is able to be painted Usuki.

Usuls are brave little tree folk who are very loyal to their friends. In cold weather, the Usuls are the first to break open their food stores and share them with their pals.

The Usul, one of the original pets on the site, resembles a large squirrel with a colored ruff and a bow on its tail. The species name possibly comes from a combination of "usagi" (the Japanese word for rabbit) and "squirrel." Usuls prefer to live in trees. They love visitors and are very friendly and brave, making them one of the least self-obsessed neopets.

Usuls have their own series of dolls, the Barbie-like Usukis. (There is also a Quiggle-inspired Quiguki, which was an April Fool's joke that became popular in its own right.) Every year on August 20, the site holds an imaginary event called UsukiCon, which may be a reference to UshiCon. When UsukiCon is held there are often several new releases of Usuki doll sets and Usuki-themed items on the site. Usuls can be "painted" a wide variety of colors, including the color of "Usuki", a color that only the Usuls are available in. When painted Usuki, female Usuls resemble the "Magic Hair Usuki" doll, and males look like one of the male Usuki dolls.

In the Neopets TCG, Usuls are associated with the element of Earth. As of June 2007, they are the 15th most popular pet out of 50+ species, with over 5.7 million created. November 27th is when the Usul Skiing Season Begins (Usul Day).

One of Neopia's most dastardly of creatures, the Shadow Usul, is also a member of this species. The Shadow Usul avatar can only be acquired after having an item stolen by the Shadow Usul through a Random Event.

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