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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

4148. Shadow Lass

Tasmia Mallor is the champion of her homeworld of Talok VIII and has the power to project and control darkness. As Shadow Lass, she is a long-time member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Current Events

Shadow Lass is presently starring in the ongoing Legion of Superheroes series since the rebooted DC universe in the new 52. The Legion is presently fighting a Daxamite and a group of Controllers on the planet of Panoptes. She was particularly vital in subduing the Daxamite as Mon-El was involved with the direct battle with him while she provided confusion in the form of darkness to which Mon-El was relatively accustomed (as their previous relationship is hinted at).


Tasmia Mallor is the latest in a line of mighty tribal champions from her desert homeworld of Talok VIII. Tasmia has the blue skin and pointed ears typical of her race, and as the Talokian champion she has the power to create and manipulate darkness. Tasmia has adapted to the harsh desert terrain of Talok VIII and kept very true to her people's beliefs and rituals. She and her younger cousin Grev Mallor received their powers from their ancestors, whose spirits reside in a mysterious and forbidden cave beneath the surface of the planet. When they entered the cavern their ancestors spoke to them, casting a pitch black cloud which acted on their genetic heritage and unleashed their powers. As her ancestors before her for the past thousand years, Tasmia is a hereditary shadow champion of Talok VIII. Her 20th-century ancestors Lydea Mallor (Darkstar) and Lyrissa Mallor were shadow champions as well as members of the interstellar police force called L.E.G.I.O.N. In this extended history of ancestral champions, Tasmia trained extremely long and hard to assert her power and status among her people.


Shadow Lass was created by Jim Shooter and Curt Swan

Powers and Abilities

Darkness Manipulation
Darkness Manipulation
Shadow Lass is able to tap into an unknown and ancient connection to the source of darkness in the universe. She received the gift when she visited the ancient spirits of her ancestral caves. The intense darkness that she creates can engulf large areas of space almost instantly, causing an absolute absence of light which very few (like Sensor Girl) can penetrate with their vision. Shadow Lass is able to control the shape of her darkness, from a large amorphous cloud to a tight beam of concentrated shadows. Those trapped within her darkness become disoriented and deprived of their senses, driving many enemies to the point of experiencing rampant fear and helplessness. Shadow Lass is completely immune to the effects of the darkness she generates and is able to see perfectly through it.

Unarmed Combat
Shadow Lass also is a superb athlete and hand-to-hand combatant who learned great fighting skill from her native people as their chosen champion. After joining the Legion, Tasmia's fighting skill grew even more formidable after she trained with martial arts master Karate Kid and other Legionnaires.

Legion Flight Ring
As a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Shadow Lass possesses a Legion Flight Ring. The ring gives its wearer the ability to fly, the speed and range of which is determined by the wearer's willpower. It also acts as a long-range communicator (enabling constant vocal contact with other Legionnaires, even across vast distances of space), a signal device, and a navigational compass, all powered by a micro-computer built inside the ring.

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