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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

4182. Fourarms

Official Biography
Whenever Ben needs to smash, throw, or beat up something, Fourarms is the hero of choice. Standing twelve feet tall, this formidable four-armed alien can use his tremendous strength to dish out the punishment, while his armored skin protects him from harm.

Unofficial Biography
Standing at an amazing twelve feet tall with all alien muscle, the Tetramand Fourarms is the hero of choice when Ben has a feel to smash, throw, or beat up his way through. With four-arms and tremendous strength, he is the strongest among the aliens. Not only that, he also has extremely thick skin, which acts as his armor. His endurance is extremely high, and also has the ability to leap great distances. Unfortunately, Ben can use his height and strength to his advantage, but it contributes to clumsiness and speed. In spite of their strengths, the Tetramands' dense muscles are also their weakness. Built for power instead of speed, Tetramands are at a disadvantage against faster or smaller opponents. This also forces a dependence on their armored bodies, as they are incapable of dodging quickly. Their size also makes it difficult for them to use things designed by smaller species. Buildings, especially, are a problem for them, since they usually can't fit through the doors or in the rooms. Controlling their own strength is also a problem, and much of the damage they cause is often unintentional.

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