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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

4185. Firebrand

Firebrand is the codename of three fictional supervillains in the Marvel Comics universe. All three were normal humans inside powered armor and relied on fire-based weapons. The first and third Firebrands, Gilbert and Dennison, both of whom were enemies of Iron Man, are much better known than the second Firebrand, Broxtel, who made only a handful of appearances.

Gary Gilbert was born in Detroit, Michigan. A superpowered enforcer for corrupt industrialist Justin Hammer, as Firebrand he is a former radical activist saboteur who turned to violence after believing peaceful protest produced no results.
Firebrand accidentally killed his own father.[volume & issue needed] He also won the Black Lama's "war of the supervillains".[volume & issue needed] He fell to alcoholism and gave up political activism only to work for other villains because he "needed the work".[volume & issue needed] He later gave up his costumed identity and became a "supervillain agent", brokering employment for other costumed villains.
When news of the Scourge of the Underworld's initial wave of supervillain murders spread among the criminal community, Gilbert took it upon himself to gather several costumed criminals for a meeting to determine what should be done about this menace. The meeting, held at an abandoned tavern in Medina County, Ohio, known among the criminal underworld as "The Bar With No Name", turned out to be a massacre, as Scourge infiltrated the event disguised as a bartender; a few minutes into the meeting, Scourge slaughtered every criminal present, including Gilbert, with machine gun fire.
Firebrand was later among the seventeen criminals, all murdered by the Scourge, to be resurrected by Hood using the power of Dormammu as part of a squad assembled to eliminate the Punisher.His fire powers are augmented, and he can melt through concrete or metal. After the Punisher is captured, he is present at the ritual where the Hood intends to resurrect the Punisher's family. Microchip shoots G. W. Bridge in the head, which activates the ritual using Bridge's life force to resurrect Microchip and Punisher's families. The Punisher refuses to accept this, and forces Firebrand to burn them alive, and then shoots Firebrand in the back of the head.

Gary Gilbert wore a suit with an armored exoskeleton that gave him superhuman strength and resistance to fire. It also housed flamethrowers (which allowed him to fire thermal blasts from his hands), one mounted on each wrist, and flying jets that gave him the ability to fly. Broxtel uses a modified version of the Firebrand suit. Dennison was actually a mutated human being whose body temperature was up in the high hundreds; he could project heat rays of thousands of degrees. He was equipped with a cybernetic harness which could reconfigure itself into different modes if he mentally commanded it to do so.

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