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Sunday, February 5, 2012

4292. Rath

Voiced by:
John DiMaggio - Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
Jeff Bennett - Ben 10: Alien Force (As Azmuth in "Primus")
Dee Bradley Baker - Ben 10: Alien Force (As Albedo in "The Final Battle")
Ashley Johnson - Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (by Gwen in "Inspector #13")

Rath (a play on "wrath") is an Appoplexian (a play on apoplexy, a part of the brain that deals with anger) from the planet Appoplexia.
His appearance is a large, muscle-bound, humanoid tiger-like alien with no tail. However, unlike tigers who are known to be intelligent, patient and cunning creatures, Rath's species suffer from aggressive temperament and decreased intelligence, having a need to fight anything that breathes, making him just as likely to attack or provoke his friends as well as his foes and as a result alters Ben's personality the most among his aliens, become easily distracted and difficult to stop once he starts fighting. Rath always refers to someone by using both their first and last names regardless of the situation and his mannerisms and speech are reminiscent of a professional wrestler and has a tendency to say Lemme tell ya somethin'!, similar to Hulk Hogan, then followed by the full name of whoever he's talking to, and also refers to himself in the third person. He knows that his metaphorical statements make no sense, but continues to use them. He is very direct and fearless to the point of recklessness; also his apparent lack of intelligence also may convince him to needlessly argue with inanimate objects.
However, Rath is more than able to back up his threats and is one of Ben's most powerful aliens, as his species is gifted with enough physical agility and strength to easily lift objects far larger than him and pummeling most of Ben's enemies with ease, showing that his abilities to fight, depends better with the anger, making him to be determined to fight. In addition, Rath has two retractable claws on his wrists that can generate shockwaves when driven into objects and he is also durable enough to survive for short periods in space and take a powerful laser cannon blast at point blank range without even flinching or reacting.
He was first introduced in "The Con of Rath" (a play on "Wrath of Khan") when the crown prince Tiffin sets off the Omnitrix's circuit, and caused it to keep Ben in that state for the whole episode until Tiffin leave, and when he found out that Kevin knew about all the time, he turned back him to beat him up.

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