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Sunday, February 5, 2012

4303. Rusty Pete

Rusty Pete is the first mate of Captain Slag. He refers to Slag as his best friend even though he is put through a lot of verbal abuse. Rusty Pete is a heavy alcoholic from his grog drinking and is probably constantly drunk because of this. In Quest for Booty Rusty Pete helps Ratchet and Talwyn to find Darkwater's body in Morrow Caverns only to betray them by connecting Slag's head to Darkwater's body. Before the pirate ship leaves he gives Ratchet two of his weapons to show "no hard feelings". He was last seen on a crate with Captain Slag's head being yelled at to row to shore. In A Crack in Time, He hosts the Pirate Radio station with Captain Slag. In the minigame "My Blaster Runs Hot" he can be played as the player two character.
Rusty Pete is voiced by Wally Winger.

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