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Sunday, February 5, 2012

4309. Yar

Background information
Feature films Dinosaur
Voice Ossie Davis
Character information
Personality serious, kind, funny
Appearance old lemur
Occupation Plio and Zini's father, Aladar's foster grandfather, Suri's grandfather
Affiliations good
Goal To reach the Nesting Grounds
Home Lemur Island (formerly), Nesting Grounds
Relatives Plio (daughter), Zini (son), Aladar (foster grandson), Suri (granddaughter)
Allies Eema, Baylene, Url, Neera, Bruton
Enemies Carnotaurus, Kron, Bruton (formerly), Velociraptor
Likes his family, chatting with Eema
Dislikes dinosaurs (formerly), taking orders from Kron or Bruton
Fate Lives on the Nesting Grounds with his family and the other dinosaurs
Quote "Babies grow up! You keep that thing, one day, we'll turn our backs, it'll be picking us out of its teeth! Things like THAT eat things like US as snacks! "

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