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Sunday, February 12, 2012

4344. Baby Cloe

Cloe (Angel) - She has a pet piglet. Though at times of emergency she seems to let her imagination run wild, she is very cooperative and helpful.

Bratz Babyz is a brand name under which a series of dolls are made.
It is a subset of the main Bratz line in which all of the dolls are babies. The brand is split into two lines, the regular Bratz Babyz and the Bratz Big Babyz (which include a "birth certificate" and other accessories).

In 2004, the first Bratz Babyz were made. The babyz were "Cloe", "Sasha", "Jade" and "Yasmin" (the first Bratz.) The dolls came with a changing bag, a nap blanket, bottle on a chain and a pet based on the girl's nickname (e.g. Sasha's nickname is Bunny Boo, so she has a bunny.) Later on, in 2005, "Meygan", "Fianna", "Cameron" and "Dana" joined the Bratz Babyz group.
Also, in 2005, they released the 'Hair Flair' collection. Instead of having plastic hair, the dolls had real hair like regular Bratz dolls.

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