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Friday, February 17, 2012

4382. Red Bug from

Tentomon is an Insectoid Digimon whose name and design are derived from the ladybug (瓢虫 Tentoumushi?). It is the original type of Insect Digimon who, although it has a hard shell, still has low aggression. It has one hard claw on each of its fore-legs, and four on each of its middle- and hind-legs, and in particular, the middle-legs are able to skillfully grasp objects just like a human hand. Although the other Insects at its evolution level only possess fighting spirit, it still retains its naturally friendly sentiments, and displays its carefree way of life by doing things like sniffing the scent of flowers and napping in the shade of a tree.

Tentomon can be spotted in Beetle Land. A Tentomon manages the Beetle Land tournament, which only occurs on the 22nd of each year. Wild Tentomon also scatter around Beetle Land. It is the only wild enemy Digimon to use the technique Bug, along with Piximon.
Digimon World 2
Tentomon digivolves to Kabuterimon. He first appears with Tapirmon in Video Domain. His speciality is Nature and special attack is Super Shocker.
Digimon Digital Card Battle
Tentomon, Kabuterimon and MegaKabuterimon are all Nature cards and can be obtained in-game. Tentomon also three of highest circle-attack 380, along with Agumon and Candlemon. His deadly attack wrong as Gabumon's Blaster.
Digimon World DSEdit
Tentomon digivolves to Kabuterimon or Kuwagamon.
Digimon World Dawn and DuskEdit
Tentomon digivolves from Minomon, and can digivolve to Kabuterimon or SandYanmamon. He can be found in Chip Forest.
Digimon World Championship
Tentomon digivolves from Motimon with 20 Insect/Plant AP and can digivolve into Kabuterimon with 6 Battles, Kuwagamon with 20 Insect/Plant AP, Woodmon with 4 Penalties or Togemon pass time.
Digimon Story: Lost EvolutionEdit
Tentomon digivolves from Minomon and can digivolve into Kabuterimon. It can be found in the Label Forest.
Digimon Battle
Tentomon digivolves from Motimon and can digivolve into Kabuterimon at LV 21. It is both an enemy Digimon and obtainable partner Digimon. Its stat build is 2-2-3-1 as a captured Digimon, and as an enemy, it possesses the stat build of 3-2-3-2.

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