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Sunday, March 18, 2012

4458-4459. Conis and Su

Conis is a citizen of Skypiea who befriends Monkey D. Luffy and his crew after their arrival. She is Pagaya's daughter and owner of the cloud fox, Su.

At first glance, Sanji thinks that she is an angel and predictably tries to woo her. She wears her blonde hair in two pig-tails and two antennas sticking out at the top of her head.
She wears a pink dress with black, flower shaped textures that's not too long and oddly wide red and pink striped sandals.

When first introduced she seems happy, friendly and acts innocent. She is head strong, hopeful and cares deeply for the well being of others. When she is tense she bites her bottom lip like Nefertari Vivi.
After meeting the Straw Hat Pirates she keeps all those things as she becomes more and more courageous, speaking her mind and not being afraid of her people's "God" Enel as they struggle to fight him. The major reason why was because of her sense of justice and morality, seemingly losing her father, and love for her people.

She is very good at playing the harp as well as being able to use a Waver.
Though she never fought, she carried a Flame Bazooka (炎砲(フレイム・バズーカ) Fureimu Bazūka?) and knew how to use an array of dials.

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