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Friday, January 6, 2012

4113. Waddle the penguin

Waddle is all dressed and ready to shuffle over to your house. As his tag reads, he was "the first of two penguins to be made by Ty. He was retired in April of 1998." Waddle's body is black and white with yellow at the throat; short-napped bright orange fabric adorns his beak and feet. This penguin also has plastic eyes and a shell made from 100 percent Tylon, a Ty Inc. exclusive manmade fabric that has the most luxurious feel you'll find on a plush toy. Waddle's insides consist of polyester fiber and PE pellets in a cloth bag. He makes a wonderful toy or addition to a collection.

Birthday: December 19,1995

Waddle the Penguin likes to dress up
Every night he likes his tux
When Waddle walks he never fails
He always trips over his tails!

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