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Thursday, February 2, 2012

4276. Paul the walrus

The Walrus' name is Paul. Born on February 23, 1999, his poem reads:

Traveling the ocean in a submarine

Singing and playing a tambourine
One day hoping to lead a band
First he needs to find dry land!

You'll flip for this charming pinniped. Paul has a glossy brown nap coat that gives him a look of being wet--like he has just ambled out of the waves. His four flippers are also brown nap but have thread accents that give them a "real" look. His face has two shiny black eyes, a pink nose, a fuzzy mustache, and two cream fabric tusks. If you already own Ringo the raccoon you must have Paul the walrus. He's perfect for a girl or boy (or you). Surface washable only.

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